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Annual Reports

Compare financial performance of 4 tech companies


This is a class assignment of Data Metrics and Visualization. By exploring financial data in the form of Annual Reports, we want to compare the financial performance of four tech companies and present it as a way that people can understand without finical background.


HP, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco are the four companies that have been in the technological industry for more than several decades. Starting developing software system focusing on different areas, they are the ones who have been constantly adapted new strategies and developments over the periods. Last five years are the big shift in tech industries by great demands in the cloud service system.

It is challenge to be comfortable with finical numbers and unfamiliar language. It comes a long way to understand the financial language and have insights of what are the important numbers for investors and make it easier for people to understand annual report and financial language without finical background. By comparing companies' financial performance, we want to see how are these four tech companies with long histories transitioning into applying cloud system in their own areas of expertise.


Data Collection / Cleaning
We Collected And Cleaned For Visualization In Excel. The Data Highlighted Is What We Finally Visualized Here.

Visual Language
By using the circle, we try to explain the relationship between Revenue, Gross profit and net income, and compare the overall situation of the four companies during 2014.

We use bar chart to show the comparison of Revenue, Gross Profit & Net Income

Instead of creating a timeline, we compared 5 years of revenue and net income that show the big the scale of how the company has transform into the current state and showed the trends of companies’ performance to see the bigger context.



Yiman Guo, Barbara Fang, Claire Kim