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Measure email's success - from start to finish

Mailwave uses Artficial Intelligence to provide actionable insights for employee’s email success


A corporate employee in average sends & receives 120 emails per day to get jobs done(The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report). Many of these emails are internal communications. There is not any measurement on how these internal communications are being received and acted upon.


In the past, email owners rely on best guesses and excel sheets to assess their email performance. Now, Mailwave provides intuitive analytics and actionable insights to assess email engagement, by measuring and learning from email data. Email owners now have an objective tool to assess their emails and improve communications for better engagement. In return, email readers receive better crafted emails.

"Big step forward in understanding our readership. Now we can customize content by location and measure our performance over time." - Product Owner, SAP


During our design process, we encountered three noteworthy challenges

1. Engagement donut
First challenge, making sense of data. In today’s world, data is easy to collect, hard to make sense of. We could collect all kinds of data points, but the real challenge is translating it to meaningful information. To overcome this, we met with email owners and showed them initial concepts, learned that they want to consume basic email analytics at a glance. That’s how we created the engagement donut, combining open and click rates in one single card.

2. Immersive onboarding experience
Second challenge, working with existing tools. When we implemented our minimum viable product, and let our email owners use it, we realized that switching between their Outlook and Mailwave was a bumpy process, especially at the beginning when they first begin to use the tool. To overcome this, we worked on an immersive onboarding experience.The team designed the test a ride experience. First time users learn the campaign launch workflow by actually sending their first mailwave. Its usage data showed that the solution helped new users to onboard effectively.

3. Content bar & Smart delivery
Final challenge, improving email owners’ email engagement. When Mailwave began to get a wider use base, we heard requests with regards to content and delivery. Users want insights on optimal content and time for an email. To overcome this challenge, we created the content analysis, and smart delivery behaviors. Content bar gives at-a-glance analysis of email content, including time to read, reading level and subject line length. Smart delivery behavior provides suggestions on when to best send an email based on recipient's’ email reading habits.




Mailwave is already sent out over 110k emails and over 300k interactions. Mailwave is still in progress of the new design and we constanly get great feedback from our users and the attention across the company. I am continuously working on the design iteration by finding people's problems and user testing to improve workflows and the user experience that advance product quality.


Tools team @ SAP