Google / Design Exercise


Find your new family members

I aim to find the best matches and sustain that bonding relationship along the adoption process.


Millions of cats and dogs are euthanized in animal shelters because there are more pets than responsible homes for them. There are many overcrowded shelters looking for adopters while there are also a lot of people looking for a new pet for companion who don't know where to start with. Thus, I want to help people finding new pet easily connect with shelters, find and adopt a pet that match their lifestyle instead of buying, and ultimately reduce the overpopulation of animals.


I started with asking questions about how do people find a pet to understand users' behavior and their pain points. I sent out a Google survey and got 32 responses while generating conversations with people who had adoption experience to get some insights about what users care, and what are the better solutions comparing with similar apps. I also brainstormed together with potential users to identify the persona and empathy map.

User Needs

  • A better way to find a pet and search information
  • To be able to find a reliable shelter
  • Plan a visit and interact with pets
  • Able to understand the process and knowing the next step
  • Insights

  • People have specific preferences about the pet they want (84.8% of 32 participants)
  • Adopter cares most about the pet's personality and whether they can get along with each other (39.4% of 32 participants)
  • Many adopters who don't know the adoption process in advance had bad experience (39.4% of 32 participants don't know the process at all )
  • Animal's story influences adopter's final decision
  • Constraints

    My goal is to design an experience that help adopters find a pet which matches their lifestyle and to engage people in order to solve the problems. By doing this I'm going to adapt Google's design style that provide a reliable platform creating the credentials and transparent information. I need to simplify the searching process for different ways of searching for pets and provide guidance.


    I listed the tasks and workflows and did sketching based on ideal user scenario.


    • Landing(geolocation)
    • Home (Assistant)
    • Search
    • Search - Typing
    • Filtering
    • Listed Pets
    • Listed Pets - 2
    • Profile
    • Favorite
    • Message


    Mailwave is already sent out over 110k emails and over 300k interactions. Mailwave is still in progress of the new design and we constanly get great feedback from our users and the attention across the company. I am continuously working on the design iteration by finding people's problems and user testing to improve workflows and the user experience that advance product quality.